Duelwhales NFT collection has 1/1s in it, but they're not obtained in the way you're used to. The 1/1s also have increased utilities tied to them.

1/1 utilities

Compared to regular Duelwhales NFTs, our 1/1 Duelwhales have increased utilities, both in staking rewards as well as payouts from our rev-share program.

Compared to regular NFTs that are level 1, below is a table of the 1/1s multipliers for the rev-share program:

  • 1/1 at level 1: 5x

  • 1/1 at level 2: 7.5x

  • 1/1 at level 3: 11.25x

Staking yield table:

  • 1/1 at level 1: 50 $DUEL/day

  • 1/1 at level 2: 75 $DUEL/day

  • 1/1 at level 3: 112.5 $DUEL/day

Upgrading your 1/1s have the same costs as upgrading regular NFTs, shown in the table previously.

Obtaining 1/1s

There will only be one 1/1 in the minted supply of Duelwhales. The only other way to obtain 1/1s is through playing games on our platform.

There will be two different tournaments at the end of each month, where the winners will receive 1/1 NFTs as rewards.

One of two monthly tournaments will be accessible through $DUEL, where players can buy tickets using $DUEL as a payment method. There will be no option to purchase tickets using $SOL or any other token. The participants will also compete for 5% of the revenue generated in the previous month, as an added prize-pool.

The second tournament each month, where players can win 1/1s, is based on the leaderboard. The top 40 players from the last calendar month will qualify to enter this tournament for free, where the winner will receive a 1/1 DUELWHALES NFT. The participants will also compete for 5% of the revenue generated in the previous month, as an added prize-pool.


10 of the 1/1s in the Duelwhales collection will be obtained through different achievements. These achievements are meant to be reached by loyal holders and players that have earned their 1/1 NFT. Below is the full list.

  • First player to hit Blackjack (A + K/Q/J/10) in either PvD or PvP games 500 times

  • First player to win 1000 hands in either PvD or PvP games

  • First player to reach 100 winning hands vs a full ring-table in PvP (8 players)

  • First player to win any hand heads-up vs 100 different players (PvP vs 1 player)

  • First player to wager a total of 2100 SOL

  • First player to reach Rank 10 (Grand Master)

  • First player to lose 500 hands in either PvD or PvP games

  • First holder to generate 30,000 $DUEL through our staking platform

  • Raffle winner between first 10 holders that upgrade their Duelwhales NFT to level 2

1/1 supply

The total 1/1 supply in the Duelwhales collection is 21.

  • 1 in our minted supply

  • 10 through achievements (listed above)

  • 10 through monthly tournaments

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