🐳Duelwhales NFT

Duel Arena is releasing our own collectible NFT collection called Duelwhales with extensive utilities on the Duel Arena platform.

What is Duelwhales?

Duelwhales is a 3,333 NFT collection created by the Duel Arena team. Other than being NFTs with beautiful art that will be upgradable, the primary purpose of Duelwhales NFTs is the extensive utility offered on the Duel Arena platform for our holders.

What are the mint funds used for?

60% of mint funds are dedicated to the development & promotion of the Duel Arena games and platform. 30% of the mint funds are dedicated to funding the house wallet so players can play blackjack versus the dealer. 10% of the mint funds are fees paid to our Launchpad partner, Launchlabs.

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