Wondering anything else? Heres some regular questions we often get asked.

Q: What is Duel Arena?

A: Duel Arena is an online casino and Player-versus-Player (PvP) and Player-versus-Dealer (PvD) gaming platform that combines web3 technology with our state-of-the-art gaming platform to provide a secure and immersive experience for players all around the globe. Our project is community-focused and aims to deliver a great gambling experience for players of all levels and interests.

Q: What makes Duel Arena unique?

A: At Duel Arena, we prioritize delivering a great gambling experience for our players and ensuring the platform is secure and provably fair. We are utilizing the innovations of fast, scalable blockchain technology, like Solana, to both improve existing games as well as create our own, unique games that no other platform on the market offers. We aim to build a platform that encourages community engagement.

Q: When can I start playing on the Duel Arena platform?

A: https://duelarena.io/ will launch very soon for you to try. Keep an eye out for an announcement in our discord.

Q: Will Duel Arena be launching an NFT collection?

A: Yes, the official Duel Arena NFT collection will be launching on Solana soon, the Duelwhales.

Q: What is the utility of the Duelwhales NFTs?

A: Our 3333 DUELWHALES collection will receive a weekly 70% rev-share, coming from the revenue generated on our platform. Another 10% of the revenue is shared through monthly tournaments on our platform. Read more about the utility of our NFTs in the Duelwhales section of this whitepaper.

Q: What is the mint price for Duelwhales?

A: The presale price is 66 USDC, the OG price is 88 USDC and the Whitelist price is 100 USDC. IF the mint reaches Public, the price will be 120 USDC. The pricings will be converted to SOL, and the mint itself will be in SOL equivalent to the prices listed above. See more under the mint section.

Q: What will the mint funds be used for?

A: 30% of the mint funds will go to the house wallet, to fund the non-pvp casino games on our platform. The rest of the mint funds will go directly towards further development of games and the project.

Q: When is the mint for Duelwhales?

A: The mint will take place at the end of March. The presale is on-going with partnerships through DAOs.

Q: Is there a whitelist for the Duelwhales mint?

A: Yes. Most whitelist spots are allocated to project communities/DAOs. Some WL can be obtained through various ways in our community such as being a helpful community member and more.

Q: Do Duelwhales rarity matter, utility wise?

A: No. All Duelwhales receive the same rev-share. However, the official rarity for the Duelwhales collection can be found at https://moonrank.app/ after we have minted.

Q: Who is the team? What are their backgrounds?

A: Our team have a combined experience from both the Web2 and Web3 world, ranging from Developers, to NFT project founders. Full info about the team can be found here.

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