About Duel Arena
At Duel Arena, we aim to not be "just another" web3 casino. We believe that we are offering the market a new, fresh take on what an online casino can and should be, with our innovative concepts that you can read about here in our whitepaper. With everything from Duel Blackjack to Player Battles, Tournaments, Achievements & Badges, our Ranking System, Duel King, Elixirs & Potions, Rev-share program, 1/1 distribution, NFT upgrades and much more, we believe that we bring something new to the table that the market haven't seen before.

What is Duel Arena?

Duel Arena is an online casino, Player-versus-Dealer (PvD) and Player-versus-Player (PvP) gaming platform that combines web3 technology with our state-of-the-art gaming platform to provide a secure and immersive experience for players all around the globe. Our community-focused project aims to deliver a great gambling experience for players of all levels and interests.
At Duel Arena, we prioritize delivering a great gambling experience for our players and ensuring the platform is secure and provably fair. We are utilizing the innovations of fast, scalable blockchain technology, like Solana, to improve existing games and create our own unique games that no other platform on the market offers. In addition, we aim to build a platform that encourages community engagement and replayability through our unique in-platform concepts.

What is the utility of the DUELWHALES NFTs?

Our 3333 Duelwhales collection will receive a weekly 70% rev-share, coming from the revenue generated on our platform. On top of that, 10% of the revenue generated is allocated towards tournament prize pools, accessible through our utility token, $DUEL, that holders generate exclusively through staking their NFTs.
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